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Mr and Mrs Hughes

23rd July 2022

From the first conversation that we had with Colin, we knew that Colin and Elaine's wedding day was going to be a lot of fun. Colin & Elaine have a contagiously fun energy as well as hearts full of love for their baby daughter, Tilly - who we knew needed to get plenty of camera time on the wedding day! The couple booked our Fern package - a full days' shooting with Nathan to cover Elaine's preparations through to the first dance and evening party, so Nathan arrived with them at the requested time mid-morning at the stunning Lumley Castle in County Durham.

Whilst this was a summer wedding, Nathan respected the mood and age of the venue by using the natural light and shade of the preparation room to create a sense warmth and to capture the rich colours and tones of the space. We love how the contrast between the light and dark in these photographs portray a reflective mood in these quiet moments before the ceremony - though I'm sure the nerves were there!

Lumley Castle boasts an enormous ceremony space full of natural light. Nathan used a number of focal ranges to capture different perspectives of the ceremony from a non-intrusive distance, something which can be achieved with just one photographer if needed.

Colin and Elaine were spoilt for choice when it came to choosing spots for their private photographs after the ceremony. We love the royal feel to these balcony shots! Elaine's dress is shown off so beautifully climbing the stairs to the balcony too.

While we never share pictures of children when it's requested that we don't - we're proud to be a child-friendly photography service with a long-standing background in working in childcare and education. With this in our "back-pack", we won't point a camera in children's faces and make them uncomfortable - but instead allow your young guests to ask questions about our equipment, let them have a go if they ask and also respect them and their parents if they ask not to be in photos. At this wedding, children played a central role - with two flower girls taking their roles very seriously...and some very cute pint-sized guests letting us capture some portraits of them for Colin & Elaine's album.

Before their wedding, Colin & Elaine had made some special requests which we worked with some talented creators to make happen for them. Colin had asked to have a wooden photo album (something we offer as an additional option for couples) personalised with sunflowers, which were a key decorative feature of the day. The couple also requested a large canvas of themselves and their baby daughter on their wedding day. We worked with one of our wonderful collaborators to draw up a design of Lumley Castle bordered with a sunflower motif in stripped oak for the cover of the photo album and sent off for a canvas to be sent to Colin & Elaine's address the week after their wedding to keep them going until their full wedding package arrived! We understand the desire to preserve memories - it's why we're in this business - so we're always open to hearing special requests and will do what we can to make them happen.

To Colin, Elaine & Tilly - we wish you all a wonderful future together!


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