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Mr and Mrs Sykes

Jenny and Jordan's wedding was set in the height of summer at a brand new venue just a few minutes from our home in North Yorkshire - Lake Henry - home of Alexander Weddings. Lawrence and Nina at Lake Henry brought the couple's vision to life and created a flawless dawn to dusk festival themed celebration surrounded by nature, colour and magic. Jenny and Jordan had us smiling from the word go on their big day right up until the minute we finished editing their photos - their love & laughter was truly contagious!

Premium coverage - a different perspective.

Jenny & Jordan booked our Juniper Premium Package as well as our videography package (discontinued for the year 2023 due to increasing demand for our photography packages). The Juniper Package included coverage from two photographers; Nathan, our main shooter, Jack, our partner shooter who joined for the day and Johnny, our partner videographer. One of the benefits of booking our Juniper Package is the dual perspective on the day that we are able to capture for you, which begins with preparations. Jenny had chosen to prepare for the day with her bridesmaids & family at a hotel a few miles from the venue, so Nathan & Johnny met her there first thing to start photographing those early moments of anticipation. We're always happy to cover separate preparation venues if you've booked our Heather or Juniper Package and all have our own transport for darting between venues to capture the key moments.

Lake Henry's wedding village provided the ideal setting for Jordan and his groomsmen to prepare for the big day in style which Jack was able to capture for them in the morning. We particularly loved Jack's shots of Jordan's accessories, styled beautifully against the natural colours of the 'preparation pod'! When capturing the groomsmen's preparation, it also gave Jack the opportunity to arrive at the venue with Jordan and the guests and start immersing himself in the pre-ceremony atmosphere a little earlier than we would if there was just one of us shooting - another perk of this package.

We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather and lighting as the ceremony began and Lake Henry looked breath taking as the guests took their seats. With one photographer already stationed to capture guest arrivals and Jordan waiting with his best man at the front of the outdoor aisle, Nathan was arriving with Jenny, her Dad and her bridesmaids in preparation for "the walk". I think we can all agree that Jenny and her girls looked amazing as they arrived at the venue - those rich burnt oranges were just to die for!

Lake Henry benefits from a beautiful walk from the point at which the bride arrives to the outdoor seating area for ceremonies, including a bridge over the lake, a stroll past their famous Tipi and a final emergence from a light tunnel of trees to then begin the walk towards your fiance. This provided Johnny with the opportunity to capture some dramatic video footage of Jenny walking with her Dad, showing off that beautiful cathedral length veil.

The ceremony itself was captured from two perspectives - one from the end of the aisle and one from just behind the celebrant. We feel that this dual perspective allowed us to capture Jenny and Jordan's emotions on one hand, and the beauty of the venue and how the couple looked within it from moment to moment on the other.

After the ceremony Jordan and Jenny took some time to have their private photos taken. Often, couples plan to have this time immediately after the ceremony but on the day decide to leave until later in the day once they've had time to see all of their guests - which is completely fine! Jenny and Jordan had both previously shared that they don't feel naturally comfortable in front of the camera - but we don't think it shows! We never force couples to pose for the camera and if we meet brides or grooms who feel particularly uncomfortable we recommend just going for a walk around their venue and photographing their natural interactions as we walk - the way they laugh together, the way they hold hands as they chat etc. We're yet to meet a couple who don't come away from their private shoot feeling more confident in front of the camera than when they began.

We are frequently asked whether or not it's possible to capture photographs of the atmosphere after dark - and we feel that Jenny and Jordan's wedding is a good example of why we say YES! Their festival theme really came to life as the sun began to set which required a slightly different shooting style. We like to follow the energy of the day - and the energy at this party was a lot of fun to photograph! Some couples that we meet choose to have their private photos taken in the evenings. In Jenny and Jordan's case - because they'd booked the Juniper Package they had us for as long as they wanted us, so they elected to have some private photos by day and some private photos by night. We're so glad that they did because we think that these twilight photographs are really romantic! We love a fairy light or two - and felt that this was the perfect set of photos to finish off our write up on this festival themed, lakeside summer wedding.

What a day.

We wish them both a long and happy life together!

You can see more of our partner Jack's work at - keep your eye out for a blog post coming up soon about our work together.


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