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Robert & Hannah

June 2021

We were delighted when Hannah and Rob chose Swaledale in North Yorkshire as the back drop for their photoshoot. The sweeping moorland, ancient river courses and crumbling monuments to a time gone by create a sense of wonder and nostalgia when you start exploring the landscape. For Rob and Hannah, as well as for Nathan and I, the nostalgia was even greater as we all grew up only a few miles from this location. Our childhoods didn't feel far behind us as we climbed the rocks to reach the summit of the Craggs and skimmed rocks across the river at the end of the shoot.

The weather was kind to us on this June morning; bright and warm with occasional cloud cover for some drama over the hills - and Hannah and Rob were real troopers, spending the full 2 hour shoot walking across the moors with us to find the best views of the Dale!

Hannah and Rob have been together since they were in secondary school and have had their patience tested as the pandemic has forced them to reschedule their wedding day more than once. For us as photographers, we are always honoured to capture chapters in couples lives outside of their wedding day too and for a lot of couples this year, recapturing the excitement of being engaged and celebrating their soon-to-be wedding day is an opportunity to put the stressors and worry of pandemic-planning aside and just be in the moment together again. Our hope is that these photos will remind this wonderful couple of what they have persevered through in 2020 and what joy they have to come when they finally tie the knot next year.


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